Cross-Platform Recruiter Extension

Our extension brings LinkedIn’s vast network, GitHub’s tech savants, and StackOverflow’s thought leaders right to your dashboard. It’s the competitive edge your recruitment has been waiting for.

Streamlined LinkedIn Lead Import

Effortlessly import leads from LinkedIn, including those sourced through Recruiter and Sales Navigator searches.

Experience a hassle-free integration that seamlessly transitions your LinkedIn discoveries directly into your talent pipeline.

Expand Your Tech Talent Reach

Discover and import developer leads from GitHub and Stack Overflow with just one click.

Our Cross-Platform Recruiter Extension is the key to unlocking a world of technical talent, simplifying your search for the industry’s best and brightest.

Integrated Candidate Management

With our extension, you can swiftly update talent statuses, record personalized notes directly within the platform and share it centrally with your team, ensuring a seamless recruitment tracking experience.

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