Multi-Channel Candidate Outreach.
On Autopilot.

Run fully automated and 100% cloud-based campaigns via Email, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and more. Access your campaigns from anywhere.

A 100% Cloud-Based Solution For Automated Candidate Outreach

Efficiently reach candidates via email, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp. Customise flows with connection requests, messages, Inmails, WhatsApp and emails.

Fine-tune sequences, play and pause multiple campaigns simultaneously for up to 4x more responses.

Account safety: Our priority

LinkedIn monitors your IP closely. We provide a premium dedicated residential IP address for each account and we are an official WhatsApp Business API partner.

Connect your accounts and run automated campaigns worry-free.

Auto Enrichment and Data Cleaning

Find accurate candidate data with zero duplicates and errors with TapTalent.

Our auto-enrichment feature finds candidate phone numbers and emails and autosaves them to your internal database.

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